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edsel dope xero

The first couple of shows have been unbelievable. The band, the fans, everyone is feeling the emotion and power of these shows. I knew Wayne for the better part of 15 years, as we toured together extensively and I’ve considered him to not only be a colleague, but also a friend. We originally came up with a really simple design that had Xs carved into the eyes, which combined to create a larger X on the forehead. It felt like a cool way to have some Static-X branding built into this new faceless character that I was going to be.

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Right now, I am just focused on doing my part to complete all of this new Static-X music for my old friend Wayne, his family and for the fans while we gear up to play these remaining handful of shows that were booked into 2020. My heart has been very heavy throughout this process because there is so much love for this band and so many people miss Wayne. This is very personal for me, and I have taken on a tremendous amount of responsibility, which also comes with a lot of pressure.

While the identity of Static-X’s new frontman has been rumored to be Edsel Dope, we now have some definitive evidence of his true identity. On March 20, the album was preceded with an exclusive Destroyer EP, with a video being produced for the title track. The album itself debuted at No. 36 in the U.S. with sales of over 30,000. Within Destruction premiere new song and video ‘Nightmare’ Within Destruction return with some brand new music.

After searching for members in Chicago,United States, Static and Jay decided to go to Los Angeles to continue their search. There they met Tony Campos from the Mexican death metal band Asesino, and Koichi Fukuda, completing the band’s original line-up. Static-X signed with Warner Brothers Records in early 1998. While a certain segment of the Static-X fanbase may have been taken aback by this edsel dope xero decision, the remaining band members sought the approval of Wayne’s family before commissioning the mask and moving forward with touring plans. It may be deemed by some as being in poor taste, but those closest to Wayne acknowledge that he always had a macabre sense of humor and would likely have found the whole charade hilarious. Static-X bringing ‘Wisconsin Death Trip’ anniversary tour …

  • 1.” Now, Dope frontman Edsel Dope, who is believed to be current Static-X singer Xer0, has fired back at Eisen.
  • While the identity of STATIC-X’s touring singer — who goes by the name Xer0 — has not been officially revealed, strong rumors suggest that DOPE frontman Edsel Dope is performing alongside Campos, drummer Ken Jay and guitarist Koichi Fukuda.
  • It’s been 15 years and I don’t want this to define me.
  • However, he returned to the band in November 2000, after Linkin Park’s first studio album, Hybrid Theory, was released.
  • STATIC-X’s recent tour celebrated the 20th anniversary of the band’s platinum-certified “Wisconsin Death Trip” album and paid homage to Static, who died six years ago.

Static-X is an American heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 1994. The line-up has fluctuated over the years, but was long-held constant with band founder, frontman, vocalist, and guitarist Wayne Static until 2014. The band was founded by Wayne Static and original drummer Ken Jay.

Dope Frontman Edsel Dope Exposed As Static

In November 2007, Tony Campos joined legendary industrial act Ministry as a temporary touring bassist for Ministry’s C U LaTour in the wake of Paul Raven’s death. On March 20, the upcoming album was preceded with an exclusive Destroyer EP. The video for “Destroyer” has also been produced and is available now at The album itself debuted at #36 in the U.S. with sales of over 30,000. Static-X was formed in 1994 from the ashes of Wayne Static and Ken Jay’s former band, Deep Blue Dream.

If the two bands ever share the stage again, Dope would undoubtedly go on before Machine Head. Now, Flynn has issued a new statement to extend an olive branch to Edsel. You have said that I’m trying to attach my name to Static-X. I did alot with Static-X, wrote the #2 biggest single, ‘The Only‘ and now my songs are relevant in 2020. You attached yourself to ME because I was friends with Tony Campos who is the creative heir to Static-X.

That’s why you’re in this position, wearing a mask. The reunited ‘evil disco’ outfit continue to tour with a frontman identified as ‘Xer0‘ (long rumored to be Dope‘s Edsel Dope) in place of Wayne Static. The band are scheduled to perform at this week’s mini-festival in Ringle, WI. To that end the band’s ‘classic’ lineup of Tony Campos, Koichi Fukuda and Ken Jay reunited to work on the tracks. Volume 1 arrived this past Friday, July 10th, while a release date has yet to be announced for the second volume.

That record is the first of two volumes to be put out featuring songs newly constructed around previously unreleased vocal recordings of late Static-X frontman Wayne Static. In 2012, Wayne Static decided to reform Static-X, but none of the original members would join him. Instead his solo band would tour under the name Static-X. In June 2013, Static announced Static-X’s official break-up. Despite breaking up the band, Static still performed the band’s music under his own name and solo band in 2014, most notably playing the Wisconsin Death Trip album in its entirety to celebrate the album’s fifteenth anniversary. The surviving members of the original Static-X lineup — bassist Tony Campos, guitarist Koichi Fukuda and drummer Ken Jay — have taken an unorthodox approach to that tribute, generating a fair amount of controversy long before the tour kicked off. Intent on recapturing the essence of their 1999 tour, the band enlisted an unidentified vocalist named Xer0 , who appeared in promotional materials clad in a ghoulish, decaying Wayne Static mask, with hair spiked up into the late singer’s signature style.

  • On May 10, 2007 it was announced that the band would be playing on the main stage at Ozzfest 2007.
  • The metal scene was deeply affected by the sudden passing of Static-X frontman, Wayne Static in 2014.
  • New Static-X frontman’s identity has been revealed …
  • Mark Wakefield is the manager for the band Taproot and is the former singer of Xero, the band that would eventually become Linkin Park.

We still have yet to identify Tortilla Man, though. In the end, I’m not the type of person to allow others to dictate the narrative of my life or my art, so I’ve decided to also include a picture of me chatting it up, while watching another SOLD OUT Static-X show from the side of the stage the other night. Anyone with the nerve to throw virtual tomatoes at a traveling memorial, that has been orchestrated and supported by the family, loved ones, and long-time friends of the deceased should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. I have quietly sat through all of this speculation and have thoroughly enjoyed the ride. Yesterday’s internet eruption reminded me of an episode of Scooby-Doo.

“He does a very good job of capturing the vibe and spirit of what Wayne did,” Campos tells Billboard. “And on a personal level, he knew Wayne from our very first tours and toward the end of his life. So this is just as personal to him as it is for us. With those two factors, it was a no-brainer to go with this guy. All content created & copyright © 2022 Metal Sucks. Here are 12 bands who provided all the Music From The Motion Picture.

D Secret, Featuring Nirvana And Soundgarden Members, Unveil First Live Performance: Watch

Larry is a musician from Pembrokeshire, South West Wales. After being brought up on metal from birth (his father’s taste in the avantgarde, heavy, and just plain weird was not hidden from him!), he now lives his life vicariously through the metal community. You do have some tracks that do feature Xero who is currently fronting the band. You can feel the respect given to Wayne not only in the music but the overall presentation and videos. He is featured front and center as this is a tribute to him.

Wayne is currently on the minds and in the hearts of the metal community in a very unique and special way. His memory / legacy is more celebrated than it has ever been before.

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The band’s musical styles are industrial metal, alternative metal, and occasionally nu metal. But the band rejected the nu metal label and they also call their music as “evil disco”. The band are influenced by metal and industrial bands like Ministry and Fear Factory. In 2010, Wayne Static has been confirmed for Graspop Metal Meeting 2011 as part of his ‘Pighammer’ solo project. He released his debut solo album “Pighammer on October 4, 2011. Fear Factory mastermind Dino Cazares adds, “I’m beyond excited to finally turn the Fear Factory machine back on and start crushing stages alongside our longtime friends in Static-X.”

As previous rumors suggested, Static-X’s mask wearing, mystery vocalist “Xer0” is none other than Dope frontman Edsel Dope. His identity was revealed by Metal A Day, who shared photos of “Xer0” with the same neck tattoo as Edsel. It’s also worth noting that Dope have joined Static-X on almost every date of their “Wisconsin Death Trip” 20th anniversary tour.

In February of 2005, Tripp Eisen was arrested in a sex scandal involving minors, and was fired from Static-X shortly after. Former guitarist Koichi Fukuda, who had been mixing the new album, rejoined Static-X to fill the vacancy left by Eisen. Beloved tracks like “Bled for Days,” “I’m With Stupid” and “Push It” all sounded great, and for anyone not in the first few rows, it would have been easy to imagine that Wayne himself had been spirited from the past to say goodbye. Throughout the whole saga, Xer0’s identity has remained a secret, although he has been heavily rumored to be Edsel Dope of Static-X’s nu-metal contemporaries Dope. Now that rumor has finally been confirmed incontrovertibly by tattoo evidence — coincidentally, the same way in which Slipknot bassist Alessandro “Vman” Venturella was outed in 2014. Danish heavy-music ‘zineMetal a Daydid the investigatory honors, noting a neck tattoo on XerO matching Dope’s.

  • You can feel the respect given to Wayne not only in the music but the overall presentation and videos.
  • Intent on recapturing the essence of their 1999 tour, the band enlisted an unidentified vocalist named Xer0 , who appeared in promotional materials clad in a ghoulish, decaying Wayne Static mask, with hair spiked up into the late singer’s signature style.
  • Meanwhile, You’ve never even apologized to our metal community for betraying all of our trust, by preying on young, impressionable fan girls for your own selfish perversions.
  • Funny enough, this is the second time the mystery member of a prominent band has been identified by an exposed tattoo, after Slipknot’s Alessandro Venturella.
  • From there the album just keeps getting better and better and the two vocalists virtually become one.
  • Wanting credit for my part in Static-X and successful songs is not being an antagonist; but I will admit that I am kind of a victim…..

It also was the first time the band made an appearance at Rock on the Range.After finishing their final tour dates in Australia at the end of 2009, Wayne Static announced on the band’s official X-Boards that he will now be focusing on his side project Pighammer. In a follow up post he was quoted “It’s doubtful I will do anything with Static-X for the next couple years” leading fans to interpret that the band is still together and just on hiatus. The band began their sixth studio album, Cult of Static, in January 2008 after returning from the Operation Annihilation tour in Australia. In a posting at the Static-X message boards Wayne Static said that this time around he is focusing on longer buildups and break downs like in the Wisconsin Death Trip days of the band, however the album still maintains the heaviness that was present on Cannibal. TEMPE — A roar went up from the crowd at the Marquee Theater on Tuesday evening as the house lights came down and LED screens flickered to life with the Static-X logo.

Hiatus, Breakup And Wayne Static’s Death 2010

Edsel Dope The Adidas track suit is out of the bag. Thanks to a sneaky photographer, the identity of Static-X singer Xer0 has been revealed as Edsel Dope. Fans have long speculated that the Dope frontman was behind the Wayne Static mask, but it’s Danish zine Metal a Day who get the credit in identifying the vocalist. I believe that the fans really appreciated the fact that our intention was to represent Wayne on this 20th-anniversary tour rather than attempting to replace him. I felt nothing but love from the fans each and every night. It is difficult for me to put into words because technically, I am front and center, but somehow we were able to make it so that the focus wasn’t really on me.

edsel dope xero

I stayed at your house, we ate together, went shopping and worked on songs. I know that Wayne would be so proud of this memorial and he would be blown away to know that so many people have come out to celebrate his legacy and the music that he and the guys made together back in the late 90’s. Now that the opening night of the tour is behind us, I wanted to personally take a moment to say thank you to all the fans for being so incredibly warm to me. The future of Static-X has yet to be defined, but I’m looking forward to whatever role I may play going forward.

Is Xero Linkin Park?

The focus remains on Static-X and on Wayne, Tony, Ken and Koichi. Was there ever any doubt that ‘Xer0,’ the highly unsettling Wayne Static cosplayer currently touring with Static-X , is, in fact, lead Dope dope Edsel Dope? Dope are on every single one of Static-X’s tour dates, the same way Black Label Society used to be on every Ozzfest.

However, he returned to the band in November 2000, after Linkin Park’s first studio album, Hybrid Theory, was released. Sad news to report, as Static-X frontman Wayne Static’s widow, Tera Wray Static, has died from an apparent suicide at age 33. Wayne Static died on Nov. 1, 2014 from a multiple toxicity overdose at the age of 48.

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